SmurfsINU is designed to create a complex ecosystem in which DeFi and Metaverse are integrated together. Crypto users will access all DeFi & Metaverse services quickly, cheaply and effectively with only SmurfsINU platforms. For this, we are building the SmurfsVerse world and the SmurfINU DexWallet application. In addition, SmurfsINU is making special preparations for FIFA WorldCup Qatar 2022 and aims to be the mascot of the tournament.

In SandBoxGame, SmurfsINU bought a land of 12x12parcel size, neighboring giants like ATARI and COSMIC. This shows that SmurfsINU is long-term and has a great future planned for the metaverse.

Create, Play, Personalise, Earn in SmurfsVerse!!! SmurfsVerse you really can take the reality of living and dreaming into a virtual world. Where all aspects are created, designed, and perfected by you. Starting with player skills and characteristics, this will give you an online fresh start where you choose your path of success within the SmurfsVerse.

SmurfsINU NFTs can be staked in our exclusive Staking pools. Game items could both be traded through the in-game marketplace and also the NFT marketplaces on other blockchains. It creates liquidity for the assets created through the game and also encourages more players to participate in building The SmurfsINU World.

SmurfsINU will prepare a special platform for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in the world of SmurfsVerse. It is a special series with a high stake and farm rate, while providing special in-game advantages. Every NFT in this series will be unique and only one will be produced for each hero. All tournament matches will be played live in the SmurfsVerse universe and will be open for bets.

This platform has been specially designed for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Surprise betting options will be open for all world cup matches and all matches will be played live in the SmurfsVerse universe.

Each player will create their own identity with specific characteristics, skills and attributes. These chosen skills will allow you to browse the SmurfsINU in-game world to complete different daily tasks for fun&rewards!

SmurfsINU DeFi Ecosystem

SmurfsINU DexWallet Application

SmurfsINU was established to create an ecosystem for crypto users to provide easy and fast access to all DeFi and Metaverse activities.
Accordingly, SmurfSwap – SmurfStake&Farm – SmurfLock platforms are being built in the background.
In addition, SmurfsINU Art Gallery will also be integrated into SmurfsDexWallet. With the SmurfsINU Wallet application, access to all DeFi and MetaFi services will be cheap, fast and easy.

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Why should I invest in SmurfsINU?

First of all, SmurfsINU has been specially designed at every stage to be the safest and most loved project. As a result of in-team meetings and social research, it was decided that the tax fee would be 0%. Since the tax fee is 0%, large wallets are not reserved under the name of marketing, team, partnership. Only a 2.5% wallet is reserved for SmurfsINU to be listed on major exchanges. With the decision of our finance team, SMURF token will be sold with BUSD parity and liquidity will be locked along a year. In this process, where all world economies have started to tighten monetary policy, unstable parities may show great decreases. This is a critical decision we have made to protect SmurfsINU and our investors. SmurfsINU's biggest goal is to be listed on a major exchange as soon as possible. (Binance is such a long story. It's too early to talk about it). Developer is a former AxieInfinity member and provided all the necessary infrastructure for it. The SmurfsINU project will be financed by NFT sales, stakes and sponsorships in the SmurfsVerse universe. Our finance team secured special sponsorship deals specifically for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. One of our biggest goals is to be the mascot of the tournament and to sign a partnership with a big world star.

Total Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 SMURF
1. PancakeSwap Liquidity: %97,5 of Total Supply, Locked for a year
2. Reserved for major exchange listings: %2,5 of Total Supply
SmurfsINU Buy/Sell tax fee is designed to be %0
(The only valid token of the SmurfsINU ecosystem is SMURF. Only SMURF tokens will be used in all DeFi and SmurfsVerse events.)

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